Paleo Taste was started by me, Priscila!

A smiley Brazilian, daughter of a Chef and Pastry Chef. My passion in life has always been food, but I only discovered it recently! I grew up around a bakery and restaurant. My parent’s passion for food certainly made me the chef and happy person I am today.

About Priscila

I have a constant passion to cook healthier food that simply makes people feel healthy and happy, and I found Paleo had an incredible impact in my life, energy and mood! I lost 10kg in the first 3 months of Paleo Life-Style, realized that exercise and eating healthy gives you more than a Fit body, but increase your energy & happiness! All gut problems and stress-related issues I had in the past is now gone: I couldn’t be much happier!

About our Food

I founded Paleo Taste to cook people real food that is healthy, of the highest quality with products at their peak, and tastes like home.Our food is made in small batches, all day, from the best ingredients, and then it is delivered fresh to your door. Because of our “stressful life in HK” I’ve inspired myself to transform many recipes into gluten-free dishes, and start eating Paleo food a little while ago.

With a Paleo/ Primal approach everything I produce is 100% grain, gluten & nasties free. At Paleo Taste we know that what we eat has a big impact on our energy levels, health and wellbeing. Because the human body is one of the most remarkable machines on earth, we need fresh and nutritious food. And because the human being is one of the fussiest creatures on earth, we demand delicious and convenient meals. This understanding underpins Paleo Taste’s philosophy to food. We offer real food, the sort that we are designed to consume: fresh, unprocessed and uncomplicated (& Home-made!)

Helping you to find your own individual balance!

It’s not just about what we eat and assimilate, it’s about the bigger picture of how we feel about ourselves and those around us.  Life experiences help to shape us and mine have taught me to live in and be grateful for the present.

What our customers are saying about Paleo Taste!…

Priscilla Diniz

Paleo Food is the best option for a balanced meal , I m not a paleo person n don’t follow trends n for me it’s more about slow down one day and have fun in others , in the days that I’m caution paleo food comes right in with a good amount of the right carbs and always a generous portion of protein n the amazing taste that only Priscila can do (that called food with love). Eat, play n train

Priscilla Diniz Personal Trainer, JAN 2015

A tasty, affordable and convenient option. I’d recommend it to all

Pete Trader, Kowloon, APR 2015

I have been ordering from Priscilla for nearly a year now and cannot speak more highly of Paleo Taste. You know you’re getting healthy meals made with quality produce. It is conveniently delivered to you and you don’t have the hassle of being locked into a contract. The portion size is great and the meals are delicious!

Jemma Executive, HK Island, FEB 2015

The food is creative, fresh cooked and seasoned perfectly, portions are great. Having no time for going to grocery store, standing in lines, carry it into the house and put it all away, clean it, cook it and then clean up everything….. “”Paleo Taste”” is like having a cook and housekeeper all in one :) As far as eating healthy: This food plan is what I need as I’ve been sofering with gluten intolerance ( The wheat belly ) as well lactose. Apart of of that we also stay away from sugar and keep a clean diet. Priscilla has been very customer service oriented and she makes you feel unique. I have few foods intolerance and she makes sure to prepare my meal according to my needs. Completely recommend!

Tania Personal Trainer, HK Island, MAR 2015

As a larger man, I need to be careful with what I eat. Paleo Taste is the perfect option for me

Matt Trader, Kowloon, APR 2015

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